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Mechanical instalation

Montaža kovinskih konstrukcij Slika EPC

Installation of steel structure

Company EPC MONT offers execution of installation different types of steel structure in various industries like: car industry, Logistic, Food industry, heavy industry…

Our service comprises both the production and installation of various metal constructions for facilities (industrial facilities, warehouses,…), different specific-purpose constructions for industrial equipment as well various landings, staircases, fences, …etc.

Together with our partners we can offer full services with design, manufacturing and installation (on turn key basis).

Montaža transportne opreme Slika EPC

Installation of Conveyor systems

Main part of EPC MONT works present installation of various systems in field of transport equipment in various technological process and industries.

Our huge experiences in installation of:

  • Floor conveyors (belt, roll, chain, …),
  • Lifting and Turning tables,
  • Elevators,
  • Overhead conveyors,
  • Power & Free, …

we received through our work in Automotive industry, Logistical centres, Airports, Food industry… etc. Our well trained and experienced personnel are able to install and repair the various conveyor systems in shortest time.

With our partners we can also carry out Projects on turn key basis, from design, supply, installation and commissioning.

Montaža prezračevanja in klima kanalov Slika EPC

Installation of HVAC systems

EPC MONT offer also installation of ventilation and air conditioning devices, such as ventilation systems on industrial installations, biological waste disposal sites. In addition, we have also rich experience in brickyards, heavy industry and petrochemical industry.

With our partners we can also offer a project on “turn key” basis, from phase of engineering supply (material delivery) up to installation and connection accompanied by final testing and putting into operation.

Montaža procesne opreme Slika EPC

Installation of Process Equipment

Company EPC MONT executes installation of process equipment in various industries.

Our scope of supply is also installation of Robots (for example in Paintshop in Automotive industry) and various type of other process equipments as well as installations of equipments in heavy industries (dryers, brickyards, ..).

We our partners we can offer complete services on turn key basis.

Montaža cevnih instalacij Slika EPC

Installation of Piping Systems

Our piping programme covers different piping services like piping for:

  • Air supply,
  • Water systems,
  • Steam, industrial gasses,
  • Technological medium,
  • Oil and gas, …

With our expirience teams of piping specialists we can assembly piping systems of various diameters and materials ( C.S., S.S. Galvanized, PVC etc..), all combinations, welded, bolted joints… all according to Europian (EN) and American (ASME) standards.

Also here we can offer with help of our Partners services on turn key basis.


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Our markets are markets of whole Europe and also markets on other Continents as are states of North America, Asia and Middle East, …
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