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Mission and Our Vision

Company EPC MONT is global provider of services in the spheres of installation of integrated technological systems, refits, removals and maintenance of equipment in various industrial branches Word wide.

Various investments of our Clients in new technological systems, modernization of old systems and maintenance works on existing equipment, means for EPC MONT endless source of business challenges for successful cooperation with the Clients all over the World.

We build and maintain an attentive relationship with all our Clients.

Company EPC MONT builds his own resources and potential. In same time develops and markets its own network of subcontractor, whereby it expands its scope of operations by delivering comprehensive or individual sets of equipments and products used in metal processing industry (metal constructions, reservoirs, transport equipments, …), electro installations and electrical cabinets.

EPC MONT would like to become a successful Company in the installation of industrial systems and with assistance of partner companies wish to involve in offering complete technological systems on "turn key" basis, allowing our clients to get complete service on one place. Our goal is to become partner who will provide complete Engineering, Procurements and Construction services.


We would like to build and maintain close relationship with all our Clients and to be recognizable regarding quality and complete services we are carrying out and for the well trained and skilled resources.

We constantly follow new technological solutions and incorporating them into our services at the same time we train and provide suitable personnel on continuous basis.


Our markets are markets of whole Europe and also markets on other Continents as are states of North America, Asia and Middle East, …